“To be a writer,” Stephen King says, “you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

I’ve called King my literary father, my muse, the love of my life. Basically, I’m going to listen to whatever he tells me to do and so I’m going to read. Also, though, I’m going to read because I am in love with the written word. Because I bleed the written word, I breathe the written word, it is under my skin and building me.

As a junior in college, a poetry mentor, a writer, and a human with other human relationships, it can be difficult to put aside time to read. But reading is one of the most beautiful forms of self-care that I’ve found. I love escaping the world through books. I love being forced to think more about my world through books. So, this semester, I’ve tried to make reading a priority. I’m also taking a young adult novel writing course where I’ve had to do read a lot of young adult books.

So I’ll be posting about the ten books that I’ve read in the first quarter of the year. I tried to be careful with spoilers, but if you’re worried (like I totally would be) read the books first and then see if you agree with me (and let me know if you do!)


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